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Do you know a place where your skin becomes softer, your lust for life pulsates and your immune system is strengthened? You found it here! Best Water Hotels are those hotels that choose sustainable business, social responsibility and your well-being. Best Water Hotels simply have better water.

See for yourself the sustainable and resource-saving use of the life elixir water. Without unnecessary transport, without unnecessary plastic waste, but with a lot of innovative spirit, knowledge and responsibility, the regional commodity "water" is handled at Best Water Hotels.

Our quality standard:
Best water

At 4- and 5-star hotels, the element of water plays a particularly important role.

No matter whether it is used for diving into the pool, as a pampering treat in the bathroom or as a tasty accompaniment for dinner: At Best Water Hotels, good regional water becomes even better.

BWT technologies ensure optimum safety, hygiene and health when handling the elixir of life: water.

Perlwasser in Dusche und Bad Perlwasser in Dusche und Bad
BWT pearl water in the shower and bath
Entspannung pur im BWT Perlwasser Entspannung pur im BWT Perlwasser
Pure relaxation in BWT pool water
Mehr Geschmack im Glas Mehr Geschmack im Glas
More taste in the glass with magnesium
Using regional water in an eco-friendly way